01 | 10 | 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix, Qualifying

Malaysian Grand Prix

1 October

  RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
Q1 P3 1:34.556 New Medium - 5 laps P4 1:34.557 New Medium - 5 laps
      New Soft - 3 laps     New Soft - 3 laps
Q2 P5 1:33.903 New Soft - 3 laps P6 1:33.972 New Soft - 3 laps
Q3 P6 1:33.632 New Soft - 3 laps P5 1:33.584 New Soft - 3 laps
      New Soft - 2 laps     New Soft - 3 laps
Weather: air 31/32 °C, track 40/43 °C. Overcast
Sebastian Vettel
We expected it to be tight, but we thought that we could have the upper hand in the end. So I am disappointed to see both Red Bulls in front of us, but they were just a bit quicker. There was not a lot missing, but just enough, just over a tenth. We need to have a look into our data and see if we can pick it up later... In the end, we were hoping to be one row higher up, so in second, right behind the Mercedes. But for the race, nervertheless, we should have a good speed: the strategy will also be important tomorrow. There is a bit of room for manoeuvre, as everybody has to use the harder tire, which might make it interesting. And then there is also the fact that we are in Malaysia, so there might be some rain, or just the heat as a factor.
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