I have to admit I feel frustrated today...

05 | 09 | 2014 Helmet GP Italy

20 | 02 | 2013 Tests in Spain

Published: Thursday, 21 February 2013

We'd planned to spend as much time as possible on track today but unfortunately it didn't quite turn out that way. At our last pitstop one of the tyres wasn't quite fully fastened on and I had to pull off the track.  

Things like that are a bit annoying, but in the end, it wasn't that bad. Besides, now we know what happened we can see to it that it never happens again. And I'd rather deal with that sort of problem in testing than during a race.  

Looking at the day as a whole I think we can be pretty satisfied with what he have achieved so far. The minor things that we've encountered can be fixed, which means the new car is a good one – in fact it's a keeper! 

We know that there is still a gap between us and perfection, and we are also aware that there is still a bit time left before our first race. Until then, the team and I will do anything in our power to make the car even better and, with hard work, get that bit closer to perfection. 

Talk to you soon!

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