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In the end it is a great success for us to be able to split the Mercedes. Again, we seem to be a bit closer; but then everybody seemed to be a bit closer this weekend. So, hopefully, we can be another step closer tomorrow. In the beginning of qualifying i was not entirely happy, but then it got better and better.

Die Lücke zu Mercedes ist sehr groß, deswegen ist es unser Ziel, uns direkt hinter Mercedes einzureihen. Ob wir mit ihnen um die Pole kämpfen werden? Man darf nicht vergessen, dass die Strecke hier ganz anders ist als in Malaysia, es ist viel kälter.

Everyone was expecting him and Sebastian Vettel didn’t disappoint. After a morning in the simulator, the driver met all the staff of the Gestione Sportiva, assembled together to celebrate last Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix victory. Sebastian chose to address the team in Italian: “It was a very emotional moment,” he said.

I think we had a good pace in the end. It was very tight with Lewis. If we look one year back, we had the same conditions,  running intermediates and in the end there was one tenth between us, so, maybe next year ...? For sure the result puts  us in a good position for tomorrow.

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