© Foto: Wolfgang Wilhelm
© Foto: Wolfgang Wilhelm

Its really important to train endurance and strength in order to be able to withstand the G-Forces and the stress of long races. In addition training of hand-eye coordination and reactions is crucial.

Do you have your own workout routine? Can you share with the readers the details of your workout?
In the morning we usually do endurance session which could be running, cycling etc. then lunchbreak which is important for recovery, and then in the afternoon we do strength session which includes exercises mostly for the neck and core.
How do you train to improve response/reaction time?
Some sports like Badminton are good to improve speed qualities.
Do you have any unique or unusual nutrition tips that you would like to share?
Main point is to eat often and in a versatile manner, and to have lots of fruits, vegetables and berries.



Any advice that you can give for those who want to venture into racing?
Its important to know what you really want, so to have a goal, then jut follow the goal, be focused but never forget the fun and pleasure.



What do you do to relax and take your mind off racing?
I like doing other sports, walking up the mountains, skiing, cycling but also just relax at home.


Back to back races

What's the benefit of back to back races?
The positive is that on the Friday of the second race, you get straight into the rhythm. Also, you save travelling time moving from one race dircet to the next and can adapt to the time zone plus climate quicker, as you don‘t have to travel as far. The challenge is that there is not much time for physical and mental recovery after the first race.
How do you adapt your preparation and training with back to back races?
I make the most of the Monday after the first race, in terms of relaxing and recovery. On the Tuesday, I do some easy training in the gym or some badminton, to keep the body and mind in correct mode.
Do you prefer to go from one race to the next or to have a longer gap between races?
It‘s important that the race calendar is well balanced so that drivers can get proper rest periods in order to be able to push 100 percent at each race. This means that sometimes it is good to have back to back races and then some longer breaks.

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