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I think we had a good pace in the end. It was very tight with Lewis. If we look one year back, we had the same conditions,  running intermediates and in the end there was one tenth between us, so, maybe next year ...? For sure the result puts  us in a good position for tomorrow.

I think the target for tomorrow is to get the most out of what we have, and then we go from there. The nature of the track suits our car well, so I expect nothing else than to be very strong tomorrow, but you never know about the conditions in Sepang. There is rain in the air and sometimes it comes at the right time, but other times it makes everything go wrong and you just never know what to expect.
 Lets keep our feet on the ground and just concentrate on ourselves. Mercedes is very strong and has an advantage, but it would be nice to give them a hard time tomorrow. They’ve had it a bit too easy in the last months.


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09 | 22 | 2019

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