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Everyone was expecting him and Sebastian Vettel didn’t disappoint. After a morning in the simulator, the driver met all the staff of the Gestione Sportiva, assembled together to celebrate last Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix victory. Sebastian chose to address the team in Italian: “It was a very emotional moment,” he said.

I think we had a good pace in the end. It was very tight with Lewis. If we look one year back, we had the same conditions,  running intermediates and in the end there was one tenth between us, so, maybe next year ...? For sure the result puts  us in a good position for tomorrow.

Grande gara, bella macchina! (A great race and a beautiful car) Ferrari Team, Maranello, Tifosi .... sorry for starting to speak in Italian, but today is such a special day for me. I don’t really know what to say, I am speechless, it’s not only one childhood dream that becomes true, it seems to be many dreams. It was amazing to look down from the podium and see the mechanics, the engineers, the whole team and listen to the German and Italian anthems, the atmosphere was always great but it’s just getting better and better in the team. For today, the important thing is for all of us to enjoy the moment together and celebrate.

To resume the race in German: Mir hawe se fertisch gemacht!


Sepang, 26 March – Sebastian Vettel had his usual Thursday media meeting in the Sepang paddock and his first job was to explain to the press that the suggestion that he should attend a Mercedes team briefing today, was nothing more than a joke. “Do you imagine if I went there, they would really open up?” the Ferrari man asked his audience.

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